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Training for Returning Citizen Re-Integration

Our society has many layers. Beyond distinctions in class, economic standing, ethnicity, and gender, it is also important for your organization to exercise proper discretion and sensitivity to an individual’s history. Men and women who have experienced the criminal justice system’s inner workings require assistance in returning to society. Be sure that your workplace is an open, receptive, and understanding environment for everyone. At Renaissance Management and Training Solutions LLP, we help businesses understand returning citizen re-integration in Kansas City.

Why Sensitivity Training Is Important For Citizen Reintegration

Our curriculum includes lessons, exercises, and activities that empower your staff to learn impactful interpersonal skills that integrate seamlessly with your work environment. With our assistance, your organization will be better equipped to foster goodwill among employees. We can also help you address returning citizen staffing concerns. Along with our citizen reintegration training, we also offer:

At Renaissance Management & Training Solutions LLP, we specialize in providing professional human relations coaching. Our goal is to ensure your relationship with the community is a strong one. We’ll train your law enforcement officers to create and sustain a mutual cultural understanding with the people. You can count on us to handle all your sensitivity training needs.

Raising Awareness For Returning Citizens

Returning citizens are men and women that have been released from prison. Considering the expanse of the practice of incarceration and the number of people it can affect, reintegration into society has a distinct set of cultural expectations, biases, and prejudices. Returning to life after prison is just as much a personal struggle as it is a cultural stigma.

Working is a foundation of society, and the workplace is where employees must interact and build functional relationships with coworkers and clients. For the returning citizen, the challenge is twofold--not only is the individual working to secure a way of life, but he or she must also negotiate with the issues that may arise from having a criminal history. 

In both personal and professional settings, how we interact with one another can have lasting effects on individuals. What we say and do has force. Therefore, your employees and managerial staff need to understand the sociocultural challenges that returning citizens might face and adopt behaviors that will foster an open and accepting work environment.

Insightful Training That Builds A Compassionate Workplace

Our public relations training firm provides the resources your workforce needs to implement a strong and compassionate stance on returning citizens. With our comprehensive training programs, we provide your employees and managerial staff the tools they require to learn and apply skills that acknowledge returning citizens and their circumstances.

Every person deserves a fresh start. Returning citizen employment allows men and women to give back to society. Ensure that your workplace is an open and respectful environment: we’ll point you in the right direction.

Promoting Diversity in the Workplace

Multicultural workplaces, religious centers, schools, and other groups play an essential role in building complex and fulfilling relationships that influence how we think and feel about the people around us and how they think of us. It is important to be adept at handling diversity in our workplaces, small or large, which is why we take a common-sense approach to building connections between communities. Renaissance Management & Training Solutions LLP services many different clients to combine people’s strengths from different walks of life to create a tight-knit team that makes outsiders feel welcome. This service is essential for:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Educational Institutions
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Commercial Operations
  • The Right Solution For Your Situation

Regardless of your reason for seeking the help of a public relations consultant, Renaissance can help. Our team can meet you where you are and work to establish trust, promote holistic improvements, and inspire organic integration in human relations within your company. Whether you would like to start on the right foot with your business or recalibrate to fit today’s social climate, we want to help.

By bringing a streamlined approach to diversity, we can help you accomplish this. While the typical view on human relations tends to be conflict-centered understanding, we focus more on areas of commonality and effective policies for your company that emphasize mutual understanding and trust.

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If you are looking for a human relations expert to help train your team, Renaissance Management & Training Solutions LLP can help. With our experience in many fields, we can help your company, big or small, make your human relations or public relations a more understanding and sensitive place. 

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Renaissance Solutions, LLP, seeks to contribute to inter-cultural, gender and racial improvement in human relationships through enhanced awareness in the economic, political and social spheres within American society.